Parish Council brings Easter tidyings to the parish

Dog Glove™ Dispenser in DumbletonThe first of four new Dog Glove™ Dispensers for the parish has been installed in Dairy Lane, Dumbleton.

A new initiative from Dumbleton Parish Council following a noticeable increase in incidents of owners not picking up after their dogs, the Dispensers provide a handy way of delivering bags at suitable locations around the three villages in the parish.

Research undertaken by Councillor Damian Easter from studies across the UK highlighted that providing bags close to existing dog bins has been shown to reduce incidents of owners not picking up significantly. Following a vote in favour of installing the Dispensers and consultation with residents, the Council has purchased four dispensers – two for Dumbleton, one for Great Washbourne and one for Wormington – that will be installed over the next few weeks.

New Dog Glove Dispenser installed in Dumbleton
Cllr Easter installs the first of four Dog Glove Dispensers

Damian took time out from the Bank holiday and took advantage of the bright Easter Monday weather to install the first dispenser in Dairy Lane, Dumbleton, next to the existing dog bin.

He said “The introduction of the Dispensers across the parish leaves no excuses for irresponsible dog owners not to pick up after their dogs.”

“It’s vital to remember that not picking up is not only liable to a fine but means the infection toxocariasis can be picked up by young children and this can cause asthma, stomach upsets, headaches, breathing difficulties and, in some cases, blindness.

This new initiative is aimed at protecting young children across the parish and preventing unsightly dog waste, so we know all residents will welcome it.”

Tewkesbury Borough Council takes a strong stance on dog fouling in the borough including a public space protection order that imposes the following:

  • A person in control of a dog must ensure that dog faeces are removed from the land immediately
  • A person in control of a dog must ensure that they have means available to clear up dog faeces
  • A person in control of a dog must ensure that dog faeces are disposed of in an appropriate receptacle

The order will be enforced by TBC officers, and failure to comply with the order may result in a fixed penalty fine of up to £100 or prosecution, with fines reaching a potential of £1000.

If you notice any problems with dog mess or fouling, you can report it directly with Tewkesbury Borough Council here.