Road Safety Community Hub

Road Safety Community Hub

Gloucestershire County Council has a Road Safety Community Hub for the reporting of safety concerns across the country.

The  Hub is run by Gloucestershire Road Safety Partnership which is made up of Gloucestershire County Council, Gloucestershire Constabulary, the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Office, and Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue Service.

The hub is the main point of contact for residents to report any concerns they have about road safety in their local area. It is an addition to the existing services offered by the Road Safety Partnership and joins forces with police and highways to provide the best possible service to the county’s communities.

Road safety concerns are split into a number of different categories.

  • Speeding
  • Parking
  • Pedestrian & Parking Safety
  • Signing & Lining
  • Road Condition & Layout

Each category has information and the ability to report problems.

Most queries can be resolved easily by self-service reporting while other more complex issues are likely to be resolved with an officer.