Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

It’s an important and powerful tool that gives communities like ours statutory (legal) powers to help decide how their area develops.

In very simple terms, a neighbourhood plan is:

  • A set of planning policies for the parish which are used to help decide on planning applications
  • Written by you, the people who know and love the area, rather than the local planning authority
  • A legal measure to help the community to get the right types of development in the right place

A Neighbourhood Plan is community-led – it’s researched, written and voted on by the people who live in the community – you.

A Neighbourhood Plan has to, by law, engage with the whole community, including:

  • all residents in the parish local businesses in the parish
  • community groups and organisations
  • landowners
  • schools and educational establishments

There’s a huge amount of talent within our parish and everyone can be involved in developing a Neighbourhood Plan. You can learn much more at the Neighbourhood Planning site

You can also learn more here

Be part of the future of the parish

Dumbleton Parish Council undertook a parish-wide survey of every household in the parish between August and October 2021 to determine residents’ opinions on a Neighbourhood Plan for Dumbleton Parish. The overwhelming majority of responses (90%+) were in favour of implementing a Neighbourhood Plan.

Dumbleton Parish Council approved a motion to formally start the process of adopting a Neighbourhood Plan at a full Council meeting on 17 November 2021.

After this decision, the Council was informed of proposed boundary changes following the publication of Tewkesbury Borough Council Parish Boundary Review Draft Recommendations. These recommendations were subsequently approved on 17 May 2022 and published as Tewkesbury Borough Council Parish Boundary Review Appendix 1 Final Recommendations May 2022.

Following the formal order to create the new parish on 1 April 2023, Dumbleton Parish Council has applied to designate the neighbourhood area based on the parish boundary and the majority view of the parish to adopt a Neighbourhood Plan. You can view the application here

As soon as the designation is approved, work can begin on the Neighbourhood Plan. The Parish Council has passed a formal motion to work with Andrea Pellegram Ltd. as consultants for the project.

It is important to understand that, while the Parish Council can begin the process with the designation application, the work of implementing the Neighbourhood Plan will be down to the Neighbourhood Plan Committee. This will be formed by residents from across the parish and is your chance to be involved in the future of Dumbleton and Great Washbourne.

If you would like to be part of the team working on the Neighbourhood Plan, the Council would love to hear from you. It is a volunteer role and no experience is necessary – it is more important to be enthusiastic and want to help shape the future of the parish. Please contact the Parish Clerk at